Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Card Holder & Matching Cards/Tags

Card Holder and Matching Cards/Tags

You will need:
~6x6 page protector
~12x12 cardstock
~12x12 matching patterned paper
~your choice of embellishments (eg, brads, rubons, ribbon, flowers, ink, stamps)

1. Cut the cardstock down the center so you have -2- 6x12 pieces. One 6x12 piece will be used to make the card holder. Fold this in half.
Using the other piece, cut off a piece 2x6. This little piece will be used for the flap of the card holder.
The left-over will be used for a card, so cut it into a 5 1/2X 8 1/2 piece and fold it. Keep all scraps.

2. Cut the patterned paper into a 8 1/2X12 piece.Then cut this piece into -2- pieces of 5 1/2X 8 1/2 (for the cards) and fold them.Again, keep the scraps.

3. This is what you will have once you have your pieces all cut.

4. Using the piece that you cut for the card folder (6X12), glue the 2X6 piece onto it for the flap using a piece of scrap, as shown.

It will look like this.

5. Using the card pieces and scraps create any occasion cards and tags.
See samples:

6. Decorate the front of the card holder. Place the cards inside the holder and fold the flap down. Carefully slip them into a page protector ( I carefully cut the holes off the edge of the page protector to give it a neater look when finished)

I've made a few of these and given them as gifts. Great idea.


Cheryl said...

These do make wonderful gifts!