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Monday, December 29, 2008

Winner of Quick Fire #3

Sorry for the delay on posting, Christmas has been busy here :(

I'd like to thank all the ladies that played along. What great cards you made.

The winner from this challenge is...

Random Generator has picked #3.......

which is SAM

Congratulations, send me an email with your mailing address and I'll pop some Christmas scrapping goodies in the mail.

Thank you all again, and watch for more Quick Fire Challenges :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Such sad news to report...

I've known about this Christmas Day but didn't want to believe it was true. But, sadly it is true. One of our CCAYR design team members BEVERLEY TODD has passed away. Here's an excerpt from the email I received:"Beverley Todd was certified brain dead earlier today. ...she was taken into hospital yesterday Dec 23rd with a suspected bleed in the brain. Her family have all been able to say their farewells and have given permission for the doctors to take what ever they can for transplant. Something that they are sure she would have wanted." She also went on to say that "I can tell you that Beverley was so very excited at being selected for your next design team and was definitely looking forward to the year ahead." Please keep her family and loved one in your thoughts and prayers. She will surely be missed by a lot of scrappers all over the world.She has touched many lives with her kindness and giving heart.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gift Card /Treats Bag

Easy and Quick!! You can use this to put a gift card, money or a small gift such as a pair or earrings in.

1. Seal an envelope.2.Using a tag punch or a tag that you have in your stash, cut out tags on each side of the top of the envelope. You may have to play with the amount of paper you want to cut away. You want it to look like a little basket or bag. 3.Once you get it looking like you want, then it's time to embellish!4.Here's my gift bag that I made. Cute idea!!!

May you have the gladness of Christmas - Which is Hope ;
The Spirit of Christmas- Which is Peace;
The Heart of Christmas - which is Love

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Quick Fire Challenge #3

Today I thought I'd challenge you for the last time in 2008 :)
For those of you that take on the challenge and post a link to your card, I will draw a name and send the winner aome card making goodies to play with.

But you only have until Saturday night, December 20th to post your card to be in the draw.

soooooooooooooo on to the challenge

I'd like to see cards with and 'Vintage' type image. Thats it, pretty simple....

Here is a card I did using an Old Fashion Santa image.

Happy Carding
Tamara :)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Card Holder & Matching Cards/Tags

Card Holder and Matching Cards/Tags

You will need:
~6x6 page protector
~12x12 cardstock
~12x12 matching patterned paper
~your choice of embellishments (eg, brads, rubons, ribbon, flowers, ink, stamps)

1. Cut the cardstock down the center so you have -2- 6x12 pieces. One 6x12 piece will be used to make the card holder. Fold this in half.
Using the other piece, cut off a piece 2x6. This little piece will be used for the flap of the card holder.
The left-over will be used for a card, so cut it into a 5 1/2X 8 1/2 piece and fold it. Keep all scraps.

2. Cut the patterned paper into a 8 1/2X12 piece.Then cut this piece into -2- pieces of 5 1/2X 8 1/2 (for the cards) and fold them.Again, keep the scraps.

3. This is what you will have once you have your pieces all cut.

4. Using the piece that you cut for the card folder (6X12), glue the 2X6 piece onto it for the flap using a piece of scrap, as shown.

It will look like this.

5. Using the card pieces and scraps create any occasion cards and tags.
See samples:

6. Decorate the front of the card holder. Place the cards inside the holder and fold the flap down. Carefully slip them into a page protector ( I carefully cut the holes off the edge of the page protector to give it a neater look when finished)

I've made a few of these and given them as gifts. Great idea.

Monday, December 15, 2008

New Team for January-March!!

First , Tamara and I want to say a big THANKS to these ladies-
Laurie H.

You've been a great inspiration to everyone and it was greatly appreciated!

Here is the new team, along with the cards they sent with their application:

Be watching for a new challenge coming up on New Year's Day!!! Can you imagine that at the end of next year, if you do ALL the challenges and make at least 5 cards a month, you'll have 60+ Christmas cards!!! Wow! I did this, starting in January and I had plenty of cards when I got them ready to mail this weekend. And every family is getting a handmade card, and everyone's card was different!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


My sister has a cooking blog and she posts delicious, tried and trusted recipes for cookies, cakes, and lots more!!!

Check it out! It's called COOKING WITH CARLA.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas Gift Tags Challenge

Today is the day to use up those scraps you have laying around and make some Christmas Tags.

So we challenge you to make tags for all those gifts you'll be giving this year. Any shape or size will do.

Here are a set of tags I've done for a tag exchange.

Have fun and don't forget to post.

Tamara :)

Teza Adrienne

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Shaped Christmas Cards Challenge

Today we challenge you to make a SHAPED card for Christmas!

This Stocking card is one of my favourite shape cards to make.

So come one ladies and show us what shapes you come up with.

Happy Carding!
Tamara :)

Teza Adrienne

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

WINNER of November Challenge is...


Yay! Beverley, congrats to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be getting something to you in the mail in the next few days!!!

Thanks to everyone who participated!!!!!

Now, on to December's challenges. Tamara has 1 posted (WINDOW CARD CHALLENGE) so far and I think she has a couple more planned! Watch for them!!!

Remember to let us know in one of the challenge posts if you have completed your 5 cards in order to be eligible for the month-end prize!!!


This is a very easy, yet beautiful gift idea!!!
Start with a frame like this:
Cut a piece of patterned paper 4X6
Print off a yearly calendar.You can find these online.I used my print program I have to do it.Cut them and ink them with an ink color that will match you patterned paper.Create a small envelope to stick to the back to place the monthly cards in. I used a library pocket and trimmed it and used double-sided tape to stick it to the back of the frame.
Decorate the patterned paper.Remember not to use thick embellishments. The thinner they are, the better it will look.
Adding one photo corner is a good idea so you can slip the monthly card into it without it sliding down to the bottom of the frame. A bit of stability for the card :O)
I like adding a mini-clip that can be used to clip an impt. message there that you can see at a glance!Here are 2 more I did.I used scrap pieces for all 3 of them! Great way to use up some piece of patterned paper.
Enjoy!!! Let us know if you try one, or two or three!!! :o)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Window Card Challenge

Today we challenge you to make a window in your Christmas card. Windows can be hand cut, punched or dig out those die and cut away!

Here is a card I did, I punched a circle in the corner and then dangled a snowflake in the middle so it turns when you open the card.

Can't wait to 'see' all the windows.

Happy Carding, don't forget to post...


Ann (she turned her window into a shaker box)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

ONE MORE DAY!!! upload your cards on your blog or into a gallery.In order to be eligible for the prize you must do at least 5 cards using the NOVEMBER challenge as inspiration. Post your link to your cards in the challenge post.Thanks!!! Hope to see YOURS there!!!

Tamara has a brand new challenge for December 1st!!! Get your paper ready and your card mojo in gear!!!We're heading into the holidays!!!

Wow!!! I just noticed that the first of Novemeber we had almost 7000 visitors.This is the end of November and we've more than doubled that in ONE MONTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!! Over 14 000 visitors! That's an amazing number!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Handmade Embellishment Challenge

Today I'd like to see you make your own embellishment.

Cut it, Punch it, Paint it.

Cut out a tree and decorate it, make your own little ornaments, hand cut snowflakes, the ideas are endless. :)

Here is a card I did, I made the Spirelli Medallion in the center of the card with my Spirelli punches and then twisted the floss around them, stacking them together.

Don't forget to show us what you've created.

Happy Carding!
Tamara :)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Don't forget the DT Call!!!

Check out the link HERE!!!

Also, I made a booboo. The Origami tree was supposed to be posted tomorrow as "Stocking Stuffer"! I guess I got a little too excited and wanted to post it early!!! hehe!

Well, next month this time it will be CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!! Wow!!! Are you gonna be ready??

Origami Christmas Tree

A BIG thanks again to my sister CARLA for doing up this tutorial.

One of my friends showed me how to make these origami Christmas trees and I thought they just looked the cutest! They might look difficult, but once you make one, you'll be hooked

Start with 4 small squares cut from double-sided patterned paper.
3x3, 2.5x2.5, 2x2, and 1.5x1.5
Working with one square at a time, fold in half diagonally. Unfold and do the other diagonal as well. You should end up with something like this: Now comes the tricky part With your fingers on 4 of the corners, squish the edges in to form a triangle Here is the bottom view:Now, take one flap of the triangle and fold it down lining up at the center, kinda like making a paper airplane. Repeat for the other flap. This is what it should look like: Repeat this for the other 3 squares:Add a glue dot to the tip of each piece and join the 4 pieces together.
The finished product:
Add this to a card or a layout. You can make this as big or small as you want. Embellish as desired.

Here's a card Carla made... ...and one that I did.