Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Adrienne posted this tutorial on her blog HERE and I thought it was absolutely wonderful! She graciously allowed us to post it here! Thanks Adrienne!!!

*If you would like to see these pictures bigger, visit Adrienne's blog and click on the pic.It will show it larger.

So this is my Bow Tying Cheat!
1. Start with your supplies :D

2. Decide where you want your image to go.
3. Put a line of glue where you want your ribbon to cross the page (I lined my glue with white ink... I am using Tombo)
4. Start putting your ribbon across your paper but do not go all the way to the end. Stop where you want your bow to go.
5. Twist your ribbon over once and then glue the rest of it down. (If you have one sided ribbon, twist it twice (until the image shows on top again)
6. Turn card over and glue edges down if you wish.
7. Trim.
8. Look how magnificent it looks!
9. Now onto the actual BOW TYING!
10. Start with your loop.
11. Fold back behind.
12. Bring around over the front.
13. Go behind with it again.
14. Push through and pull.
15. This is how I mess with my bow to get the desired "ears". I have it like held between pointer finger and thumb. and then I have the ends held between random fingers and palm.
16. Once you have your desired shape. Cut off the ends. (And glue image to desired position)
17. This is my secret part... I attach the bow with a glue dot or two.
If you look close enough you can see where I put my dot!
18. Attach to card and marvel at the great bow you've just made!
Isn't it gorgeous! And look at that snowman! Sweet!!! Try a Christmas card using Adrienne's secret bow tying tricks! We'd love to see it!!!


Unknown said...

I feel so honored to have a Challenge dedicated to my CHEATS! :D hehehe. Thanks gals so much! :D I like, wanna cry a little! :D Man, awesome!

T... said...

great idea, I'm going to have to try that......thanks for letting us share it here... :)

Denise said...

I really like how the ribbon looks twisted like that without the bow even. I'm going to give that method a go!

Unknown said...

Ok, that REALLY helps! Thanks for the tutorial!

Jilly said...

thank you for the tutorial I have used it on one of my cards on my blog today. Sorry this onw isn't a christmas cards