Saturday, October 4, 2008

Christmas Is...Challenge

Today the challenge is to create a card with a symbol on it that represents what Christmas means to you. Here are the cards created by the Design Team:



So, there you have it everyone!!! 5 challenges for OCTOBER! Enjoy! You have all month to complete them, Just be sure to post when you get them done and let us know where to find them! We are looking forward to seeing your wonderful holiday creations!!!


Denise said...

Such beautiful cards to get inspiration from!

I got mine done this morning, and it can be found here.

I can't thank you enough for this blog! It's helping me tremendously with getting my cards done. Never before have I mailed out only handmade cards. Perhaps this year will be the first!

Beth said...

Beautiful beautiful cards and I loved the topic of this challenge.
I have completed all 5 challenges and the can be found

{ erin } said...

Alright, I got all 5 cards done! Whoo hoo! And a couple turned out to be some of my fave's! Thanks for the great inspiration. You can find them in this post:

Carolyn King said...

Awesome cards----love it and the thought behind it. That gingerbread card is so cute!

Jackie Plank said...

Got this one done, lovely challenge.

Jilly said...

I thought i would use this one that i made this morning. I think i have well done my amont for this months prize draw now but i will keep going lol. My card is HERE

Jean Marie said...

Beautiful cards to be inspired with!TFS :)
here is my card

{ erin } said...

Wanted to thank you again for the inspiration. One of the cards that I made for your challenge (it had a lime green polka dot background with hot pink/lime Christmas Ornaments) was accepted for publication. If it wasn't for your great challenge... :o)

Feenie said...

I so love, love, LOVE this blog! I can't seem to say that enough! It is such an encouragement to get my Christmas cards done before the week I should be sending them out. Thanks oodles, Deanne!
Here is mine for the symbol challenge--I love the way it turned out:

Melissa said...

Wow!!! I love this blog!!

How did laurie make that card?? Its divine!