Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Planner

*Thanks to my sister CARLA for doing up this tutorial. I took the pics, she wrote it up!! That's what sisters are for!!!

I started with a manilla file folder that was 15 inches long. Cut 4 inches off the bottom of the folder. If you use a shorter folder,
just make sure the length is 11 inches. Trim off the tabs.

Once the tabs are cut off, you will notice the edges of the folder don't match up. Unfold and then fold BACK in the center.
Use your bone folder to get a good crease. Next, fold the front and back pieces towards the center fold. You should end up
with a fold shaped like a "W". Mark and fold the bottom edge UP 3 inches, like this:
Now it's time to decorate For the inside, cut 4 pieces of pp 4" x 7.5" and 4 pieces of pp 4" x 2.75". You can round the edges
and ink if desired. Open up the bottom fold and adhere the larger pp first, then the smaller pieces. On the two outside edges
of the "pocket", use sticky tape to adhere.
You can add some stamped images or other embellishments at this point.
For the front cover, I used a 4"x7.5" piece of pp with a strip across the center. I added ribbon, title and rubon BEFORE I
adhered it to the cover. For the back, cut and adhere another 4"x7.5" piece of patterned paper. Next is a receipt holder. I used a business sized envelope (9.5in long). Seal the envelope and cut 3 inches off one end. Cut
another piece of pp, 3.75" x 6.25" (or, I used 2 pieces of pp scraps). Use a circle punch on the front of the envelope (open it up first!)
Cut a small piece of scrap to tuck inside the envelope.
NOTE: If you use a regular sized envelope, seal and trim a small bit off one end. Your top piece of pp will be 3.5"x 6.25"
Tuck receipt holder inside one of the "pockets". I added a tag with "receipts" on it.
You can find print-outs to use in your planner HERE, at Organized Christmas LOTS of forms to choose from. Print them on
cardstock and cut to fit your folder. Mine were cut 7.25" x 3". And there you have it! Your own folder to help with all your holiday planning! I used a bulldog clip to hold mine together,
although you could add an eyelet to the front and back page and thread ribbon to hold it closed OR used elastic ribbon
around the whole thing.
We'd LOVE to see your creations!!


Sue said...

Man, is that ever cute!!

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Love it!!

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This is so cute! Will have to give it a try.

Becca said...

Tamara: This is amazing....how wonderful.

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very nice Deanne and Carla.....

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Great job and TFS!

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I LOVE this idea! I'm having SO much fun browsing the site for such little gems as this one.

GREAT job girls. I am SO doing this project...! TYFS.