Sunday, December 11, 2011

What a prize!!!

Yes ladies, here it is...  I'm going to reveal the prize for one of you lucky ladies in the US.  Yes, it does need to be someone in the US and you'll understand once you see it... 

You don't really want to know do you???

It was kindly donated by our very own design team member, Kat, so we need to send a HUGE shout out and thank you to her!

Who would like to know what the prize is?!  You?  Really?


Yes ladies, you're seeing this correctly!  Kat's donated a BIG SHOT for one of you in the US to win!  So, get those entries in ASAP!

And it looks like we're already over 20 people for entries, so there'll be another prize this month as well!

Come on and get those cards in ladies!
Colleen and Lesley


Marianne said...

Too bad I don't live in the US!

Cindy :) said...

wow, what an awesome prize, so excited for whoever wins it, I live in Canada so I'm not eligible, completely understandable, shipping would be horrendous. :)