Saturday, December 4, 2010

November Winner!

Happy December!  Before I get to November's winner I just want to let everyone know that going forward starting with November's winner, instead of stamp sets I'm going to be giving away gift certificates to an online stamp company.  I'm doing this for a couple of reasons: 1. I'm out of stamp sets.  I usually go to LSS garage sales and find brand new SU sets that haven't been touched but with a couple of the LSS closing around here they are getting harder to find.  2. The postage to our international participants is really expensive and I want them to be able to win a prize so this way they will get stamps too.

Now...on to the November winner....38. Nicky!!!!  You will receive a $15 gift certificate to Bugaboo Stamps.  Please send your email address to  Thanks and congrats!


Nicky said...

Oh thats me and I love Bugaboo stamps - Thank you

Cindy Groh said...

That's great Nicki. I love Bugaboo stamps too.