Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Valentine's gone Christmas Challenge.......

With February being the month for Valentine's I thought it would make a nice challenge for Christmas. So ladies, get out your PINK, RED and WHITE papers....and let's see a Christmas Cards come of it.

I'd also like to see you throw in a heart or two :)

Here is one I made, adding a little heart gem in the center of one of the snowflakes.

Here are the cards the Design Team came up with. It was nice to see all the hearts :)

Denise cut out hearts and turned the upside down to make this awesome Christmas Tree for her card.Alecia

Betty AnnLisaNoreen
Leave a comment if you do our challenge!
*Remember, if you do 5 cards this month following this challenge, your name will go in for a draw for a prize at the end of FEBRUARY! (this challenge CAN be combined with any other blog or forum challenges that you do this month.)

Please upload your cards to your blog, a gallery, or photobucket and remember to give us the links to see them.You can do 5 of the same cards or 5 different ones (as long as they follow the current challenge) If you do 5 of the same, please show us a pic of them altogether. Thanks!
We had almost 20 participants this month! Wow!!! Let's see if we can meet and beat that number in Feb!!!!!!! Winner for Jan will be announced later today.


barbie391 said...

Oh boy- just checked the site for Feb. challenge. I love pink and red together- I have every since I was a kid- I need to call my daughter and tell her as we are planing on doing this every month. Will be so nice to have our cards done next year when Christmas arrives. Am going to a crop Sat. and this is something I am taking to work on. Thanks for the neat challenges.

Cheryl said...

I am planning on getting back in the swing of this and this is a good month to start!

Alecia Wolfford said...

LOVE everyone's cards, super job with the challenge!!

Anonymous said...

Okay, this one might be a challenge for me as I kind of have an aversion to red, pink, white and hearts (long story), but I will definitely give it a shot.


Sunshinecoastgrl said...

Oh! oh! Oh! I looove the pink heart christmas tree!! soooo prety! Cheers Colleen

nessy said...

great theme (found it more difficult than i thought ~pink/red together!!)
great cards girls!!
here is my first card this month
thanks for looking
vanessa xx

Scrappywonder said...

yee haw, mine are up ;) minus the hearts... who knows perhaps I'll make more with hearts... I used SU real red & pink pirouette CS for the challenge - I CASE'd myself for the card design... I also made a few more that are pastels... thanks so much for the challenge!!! you rock... R ;)

nessy said...

here is my 2nd card for this months challenge
here is my card
vanessa xx

barbie391 said...

Went to the crop yesterday and got my 5 cards done. Was kind of fun doing a christmas challenge with pink-red and white. you can see them at

nessy said...

wow in the swing of it now ~here is card number 3 for this month!!!
can be seen here
thanks for looking
vanessa xx

thescrapmaster said...

Great challenge! I have made 3 of the 5 cards and plan to get the others made soon.

Here are the links to my 3 cards so far:
Card 1
Card 2
Card 3

Unknown said...

I finished my 5 cards for Christmas. I thought it would be difficult using red, white & pink on christmas cards but I must admit I am pleased with all the cards I made.

Thanks for looking

Vicki J.

Unknown said...

I made a mistake on the addy- Here it is

T... said...

great cards ladies, good to see everyone having fun with the challenge :)

Anonymous said...

OK I am excited I have 5 cards done, this is so great I have 14 cards done already for next christmas, yea. You might wonder on my cards where the heart is it is the punch used on the tags that are on the cards, I did have a bit of a problem with the heart thing and christmas, but I think I did alright, I'd love for you to check it out on my blog

Thanks for the fun

nessy said...

well here is xmas card number 4 for this months challenge!!
here is my card
thanks for looking
vanessa xx

Birgit said...

OK I never posted a comment and I am unsure if I am creating a link or at least leading you to my blog to see my finished February card challenge. I am at

Birgit said...

OK my cards are done and you can view them on my blog at

Tip Top said...

This took me a bit out of my comfort zone as I struggled a bit with adding pink to Christmas cards, but I did it! All mine are on the one post Here is mine!

nessy said...

well i have done it my 5th card for this months challenge!!! cannot believe i did 5 pink xmas cards!!
here is my 5th card
thanks for looking
vanessa xx

Nicky said...

I have just done my 5 cards struggled a little to get red into the cards. I love the examples you have done will blog hop later

Here's my attempt

Tenia Nelson said...

Here are three cards(the other two will be done later on today when I get off of work)that I made for the February Challenge. All of the cards are just lovely!! Hope everyone's well and have a great day!! Here are my cards:


Tenia Nelson said...

Here is card four for the February Challenge!!

Thanks for looking!!


V Colbourne said...

Woot woot!! I got all 5 done this month...I'm quite proud of myself. Had them done for a while but just getting around to posting (since it's the last Fabby challenge..can't wait til the next one.

# 1:

# 2:

# 3:

# 4:

# 5:

Or you can just go to my blog, they are all in

Tenia Nelson said...

Here is card number five!!

Thanks for looking!!!


Gill said...

This is my first attempt at a challenge so have no idea if I am doing this correctly. Here is the link for my February challange - I know it is a little belated, sorry.