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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Spa Simplicity - Body Lotion

Today I thought I'd share some other little gifts I make each year for Christmas.

This one is for Body Lotion, and it is very easy to make, and fun to 'alter' the little bottles with all your little scraps :)

Also, keep watching for more little gifts for the 'Spa' :)

Body Lotion
(makes 16 ounces)


1 bottle unscented white body lotion, such as shea butter
Cosmetic- grade soap fragrance
Cosmetic-grade soap colorant
3 small plastic squeeze bottles (4 ounces each)


Carefully squeeze unscented lotion into each small bottle, filling halfway. Add 1 drop of fragrance, and 1 drop of colorant. Carefully fill bottles almost to the top. Seal with cap, and shake well to blend in scent.

You can use different scents and colours with the same unscented lotion to make a rainbow of lotions for little gifts.


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